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24-Hr Urinalysis Testing

All health care practitioners recognized that the urine reflects the food and drink intake of the patient. Quality urinalysis such as the 24-Hour Urinalysis can examine far more than typical dip stick disease testing. Just think you are 24 hours away from crucial knowledge about your body. Dr. Webb can utilize this information to help you achieve balance and homeostasis that is individualized to fit your specific needs. 

The 24-Hour Urinalysis can begin to answer these important questions:

  • Is your body digesting the food you eat?
  • Is your body absorbing and utilizing the nutrients you’ve digested?
  • Is your body effectively getting rid of bodily waste and toxins?

Benefits of Urinalysis Testing

It gives Dr. Webb biochemical evidence of what food(s) your body is having a difficult time digesting and assimilating. Your diet plays an enormous role in how you feel and how you maintain health.
You will be able to readily modify your diet according to your body’s needs. Dr. Webb can suggest the right enzymes and dietary supplements for a personalized program that can support your nutritional needs.
You will find out the reasons why you feel the way you do.

How does it work?
Dr. Webb will give you specific instructions and an easy-to-use urine collection kit. Once the urine has been collected, it will be send to lab to be tested as outlined below.

Testing Procedure
Screening Procedures
- Begins with the same standard screening tests performed in hospitals to recognize disease. Diabetes, liver and kidney disease, as well as urinary infection or inflammation, are first ruled out before proceeding.
Physical Tests - Physical tests for color, cloudiness, volume, and specific gravity are recorded. They are used to recognized abnormalities, including the kidney’s ability to clean the blood.
Chemistry Tests - Complicated chemistry tests are performed, including an indicant evaluation to measure the presence of food in the colon that is putrefying; this creates irritants and toxins which cause pain and inflammation.
Digestion Tests - The urinary sediment is evaluated for excessive crystal formations which can indicate problems with digestion or excessive consumption of protein, sugar, or fat.
Other tests that give Dr. Webb helpful information include measurements for pH, calcium, and vitamin C.

Once the testing is completed, Dr. Webb will analyze the results, explain them to you in an easy to understand fashion, and recommend any protocols necessary to correct any problems found.

Visit Advanced Chiropractic & Nutrition Health Solutions today for a quick 24-hr Urinalysis and learn exactly how your body is functioning internally 
and what you can do to get better.

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